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Many eCommerce projects these days are plagued by user experience problems. Agencies go in and create cookie cutter solutions quickly and ineffectively. Problems such as poor navigation, confusing shopping carts and poor product imagery are extremely detrimental to your business’ success online and act as a barrier to higher conversion. At Desato we pride ourselves in our ability to understand exactly what it is that makes a memorable and efficient user experience. Our team has the knowhow and the attention to detail to create a seamless user experience. We are about finding out what it truly means to be your customer. Understanding your product and what it means to the customer means understanding what kind of user experience is the most ideal. Structuring and creating a user experience that speaks to not only your customers, but to individual segments of each, gives you that extra edge. Empowering your customers with the information they need is our specialty. From video galleries and live chats to color swatches and customer reviews, we’ve got your needs covered. Whatever is needed to provide the best possible customer experience necessary for speedy conversions is what we will put into the project together.