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When Burpee Seeds decided to take their business online, they saw a great opportunity to build a large community of horticulturists. Building a community online needs user generated content, and creating the simplest and most effective platform for users to do so is crucial in shaping the online community. Community building features such as forums must also be tied closely to the user’s own account, so that each individual user can follow their post’s status and view comments all from their account dashboard.


Gardening, like many pursuits, is about doing and creating something amazing. Burpee saw the passion and drive that their customers had for their products and the goals they sought. We helped create an environment where customers can come together to share experiences and advice and one that has Burpee’s own experts actively participate to allow the customers to get the most of their product. In order to create a seamless user experience that also pushes a community aspect, we created a large forum space for people to come and share their tips, ideas, projects, and reviews of Burpee Seeds products. Burpee Community is today a large success, with thousands of views on hot topic threads and users from all around the world coming together to share their stories.