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Expanding a business with a new brand is never something that’s easy to do. First, the business must have a reason for creating the new brand; it can be because of a new marketing strategy, or maybe it’s because of a new customer group that could benefit from the specialized brand. With two separate brands operating under the same organization, the business must make sure that the same quality of products and customer experience can be found with both brands, whether it’s in-store or online. New promotions, new campaigns, new ways to organize the product catalogue and new ways to stick out from the previous parent brand are all important factors in guaranteeing the success of this new brand. As horticulture has grown and changed, the kinds of seeds people buy and the kind of things people are interested in growing have also changed. Burpee Seeds, a company whose roots stretch back to 1876, realised this change and a brand new opportunity to expand their business with the introduction of a new brand. The Cook’s Garden is this new brand, dedicated to cooks who love to garden and gardeners who love to cook. With a specific culinary focus, Burpee Seeds saw the opportunity to create a great specialized brand. With the plans in mind, we began our work.


Desato took the great functionality and design of the Burpee Seeds site and decided to create something new for The Cook’s Garden. We started with a new, specialized product catalogue and built out a site much like Burpee Seeds. To attract gourmet gardeners we created new brand specific promotions and campaigns. Instead of having general articles, we created The Cook’s Garden Recipes page, featuring products from the catalogue that customers can grow, harvest, and prepare all by themselves.