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Mobile and Tablet devices have become integral tools in the way we surf the web throughout our day to day lives. People use these devices to read the news, play games, check their social media accounts, whenever and wherever they may be. But what about shopping? When Burpee Seeds came to us with the idea of creating a mobile website, we were excited to explore the opportunities of mobile eCommerce. What makes a great mobile shopping experience? How do we take all of the great features of the Burpee Seeds website, and transfer it onto a compact, mobile setting?


Burpee mobile is not just an eCommerce site on a mobile platform but rather about an intuitive look into why a Burpee customer would go the mobile approach. Mobile is portable; a gardener, in the garden, has easy access to how-to videos and growing information in order to get the best results from the Burpee products. Mobile in this case is an enabler rather than a sales channel. When we built out the mobile pages, we wanted to take as many of the features that makes Burpee Seeds such a great website and put them in the palm of your hand. In order to do this, we had to redesign the entire user experience so that it would make sense on a mobile platform. Features such as our efficient and fast predictive search, product navigation, and product display page had to transfer well onto the smaller screens of tablets and smartphones. All articles, videos, how to’s and community aspects of Burpee Seeds had to also be redesigned for a touch interface.