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In order for B&Q to succeed in the evolving Chinese ‘Do It For Me’ home improvement market, they decided to launch VIVID Homes, a cutting-edge design driven home improvement brand and concept store in Yishan Lu, Shanghai. B&Q China wanted an online environment to present the breadth of B&Q’s products and service offerings in a way that draws customers to engage with the B&Q team and brand. The idea was to foster an online environment where the customer could become part of a larger team that helps creates and execute a vision.

The goal was to create something unique; a new way for users to interact with B&Q’s team and manage their home improvement projects. For a ‘Do It For Me’ home improvement business to provide the same level of experience both in-store and online, users must have an easy and efficient way to create their plans, see models and examples, create timelines and project manage the development process, all while having the ability to share their projects or look to others’ for inspiration.


To guarantee the success of the VIVID Homes brand, we needed to create a simple and efficient framework that would bring customers together with the B&Q teams. With clear and efficient site navigation and product catalogue management, we made sure that the regular shopping experience went above and beyond the usual by offering inspiring and interesting ways to visualize the product assortment. A combination of tools is provided to the user, including a Project Management Dashboard, a Quality Assurance Dashboard, and a Sales Dashboard. To boost the social and community aspect, we created frameworks that allow users to share projects, moodboards and ideas in order to inspire others. By gathering concept styles, B&Q increases its returning customer base and gives rise to a unique online community of ‘Do It For Me’ projects.