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The right website can make or break a company’s success. A strong interface, efficient design and functional shopping carts, amongst other eCommerce solutions, are all necessary in maximizing online sales and growing your customer base. When we take on new projects and new clients, a large part of our strategy work is focused around getting to know the brand and their customers. This allows us to create full, personalized solutions that work to the business’ advantage. By having a thorough understanding, we can focus on the exact elements that need to be created, improved, or expanded. Cell Signaling Technology’s brand is synonymous with the world’s highest quality research, diagnostics, and therapeutic products that accelerate biological understanding and enabled personalized medicine. The antibodies Cell Signaling Technology (CST) produces are used in the world’s most prominent research labs. With both Industry and Academic researchers as their client base, CST is unique in the way that although these are Business to Business transactions, the customer is often a single individual or a small group of researchers. This then requires eCommerce solutions that incorporates Business to Consumer elements, while remaining Business to Business at the core. Add to that the user group of purchasing agents, and we have the necessity for multiple levels of user experience, carefully designed to be optimal for all user groups.


Our solution was to create a focused, customized user experience based on a variety of criteria. We tracked user’s product interests, click-streams, and purchase history to understand how to create user experiences that speak to each group. Utilizing the user levels of standard and purchasing agent, we created different levels of user experiences, giving purchasing agents more features than the standard user. Using ATG Oracle Commerce and a variety of other essential tools, we were able to create an online experience unlike anything currently out there.