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Sales and promotions are both cornerstones of a retailer’s success. The right sale or promotion can bring in large numbers of new customers while selling more products to existing customers than before. When well-advertised and well timed, your promotions and campaigns can be the turning point in your revenues. Lane Crawford, like any major retailer of its kind, has several different sales and promotion campaigns throughout the year that keep their customers engaged in the search of the best deals on their luxury goods.

When Lane Crawford approached us with their eCommerce project, we wanted to create a seamless and easy to use generic approach to handle all promotions on a single platform.


In order to create this generic approach to handle all promotions on a single platform, we decided to use enhanced ATG promotion and Commerce Service Center to support Lane Crawford’s different sales programs, such as Sales Preview for VIP customers, Sales Gateways for different types of payment methods, Partnership Promotion, etc. Desato worked with Lane Crawford to create what we think is a truly special generic solution to support different types of sales, with only little customization required to support new types of sale programs.