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Successful campaigns and promotions have the ability to boost product sales and attract new customers. It’s easy to see the importance of this, as great promotions and campaigns can make a business massively successful, while others fail to produce results and end up as a failed venture for a company looking to increase their business. In-store promotions are relatively easy to create and manage, with the employee’s of the individual stores readily available to help customers understand the promotion. When it comes to creating a successful online promotion, the promotion must be exhibited in a clear cut manner, advertised well, and made to offer effective deals on products.


Burpee created a very unique structure to allow customers to create that perfect garden. With the sale of live plants during the planting season, Burpee allows customers to create that unique mix of products that most suits their needs. The Mix and Match Garden Ready Plants promotions allows users to select one plant at a time from a variety of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and herbs to create a custom three-pack combination for that right garden mix. We decided to create a single page for the promotion, offering customers a simple and unique selection process that allows them to browse the product selections by variety, select their choices, see their three choices, and add to cart. Mix and Match is Burpee’s biggest seller to date, and the effectiveness of the promotion is tied hand in hand with the easy to navigate page that the Desato team created.