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At Desato, we use Oracle ATG to create the best eCommerce solutions for your business. What Oracle ATG can’t do outside of the box, Orion Accelerator can. Orion is a solution accelerator that is designed to speed up the delivery of eCommerce site elements, core processes and integrations in order to help reduce project budget and timeline, all while delivering maximum scope and site functionality. Using this approach, your investment in eCommerce can be focused on creating an excellent and differentiated customer experience that helps engage end customers and improve the project’s return on investment. Orion is the first accelerator certified by Oracle and can reduce your development time to 8 weeks or less. Using Orion Accelerator, Desato can deliver more for your projects, bringing together core eCommerce functionality, integrations, and APIs which are not available within the ATG framework. Orion reduces risk and simplifies projects through production ready models. Using Orion allows for a budget more focused on customization and differentiation, by decreasing dollars spent on ‘commodity’ eCommerce functionality.