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As time changes, so does eCommerce. With more and more ways to deliver content to users, how can a business best utilize all of the given tools it has access to? The new buzz word these days around agency circles seems to be “Omni channel”, but what exactly does this mean? Translated directly, it means utilizing all channels, or universal channels. The omni channel method is about true continuity of the user experience, a seamless approach to the consumer experience, allowing the user to perceive everything by using all possible channels simultaneously. Users these days have all the information they need at the tip of their finger. With such a massive wealth of information out there, businesses have focused on providing content and solutions universally on all platforms, thus enabling themselves to track activity across all platforms.

At Desato we understand the importance of omni channel, but also realize a fundamental problem. With so many channels, and so much content, how can we make any of it stand out? Furthermore, why build content across all channels if your customer base isn’t even going on them? It is because of these that we ask, “Why build omni channel, why not build Omni Smart Channel?” Making a mobile site is not omni channel, it’s just basic eCommerce. We take the time to understand your business and your business needs, in turn understanding how to use these channels to streamline your business. Creating more interest, driving more sales, not just online, but offline as well is our goal. Instead of creating content across all possible channels, we work with you to maximize results and create intelligent content on specific channels that maximize your business goals. We believe it’s not about how many channels, but about how you use these channels.