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Understanding social trends in today’s world means understanding human trends. Tapping into these trends and figuring out just how social activity works allows us to create relevant content, drive targeted promotions and campaigns based on social recommendations. At Desato, we know it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to use sites like Pinterest and Twitter in order to engage customers and drive their content in directed, intelligent ways that produce real results. We also understand the difficulty of staying on top of these things through the bustle of the work day. This is where Desato can help you. At Desato we know social, and we know global social. Our strategists are in tune with what’s going on and can team up with your business to create regular updates, monitor social activity, and analyze metrics and data. All to give your customers the richest experience on their favourite social media sites, and in turn giving your business that needed modern edge. Being a global agency, Desato understands the needs of international markets in regards to keeping up with social media, and has experience working with sites like RenRen to provide businesses with the best social solutions, no matter where.