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Desato helps companies leverage the power of Internet technologies to strengthen customer relationships, improve business processes, and increase profitability. Our Analytics and Strategy service analyzes a company’s industry, capabilities, resources, and business objectives in order to develop a business case for its e-business initiatives, and to make informed recommendations on technology vendors. Our experience in analytics and data mining provide our customers with the tools necessary to monitor and maintain high-levels of ROI on each marketing dollar spent.

Working collaboratively with a company, we uncover opportunities for increased revenues and cost efficiencies, and identify the key technical and business considerations of the e-business initiative. With tools in place, marketing groups are able to see real-time the effectiveness of each campaign, promotion and marketing initiative as they happen allowing for optimization which will lead to greater customer acquisition and retention.

With years of experience in ecommerce implementation, Desato is able to ensure that the relevant data is available in a format and structure that meets the business needs.

Analytics and strategy provides customers with:

  • An understanding of what your customers are doing and why
  • Visibility on campaign successes
  • Targeted views and data on sales and activities