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Burpee Seeds, officially W. Atlee Burpee & Co is a one of the largest and most progressive seed companies in the United States, with its origins stretching back to 1876. Founded by Washington Atlee Burpee, Burpee Seeds quickly became one of the leading forces in horticulture, bringing innovation to the seed market by being the first catalog in the world to offer products such as yellow seed corn. Today, Burpee Seeds still operates on the same family farm, producing a wide variety of seeds that range from flowers to vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

Burpee Seeds came to us here at Desto with the task of implementing an eCommerce platform based on Oracle Commerce ATG solution. Since the beginning of our relationship, Desato has been working with Burpee to continue enhancing its eCommerce store with top tier Omni Smart Channel experience.