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VIVID Homes by B&Q is a cutting-edge design driven home improvement brand and concept store in Yishan Lu, Shanghai. Unlike in North America and Europe where home improvement retailers brand themselves around the Do It Yourself movement, the VIVID Homes concept store has modeled itself around a Do It For Me method which has proven to be far more successful in burgeoning Chinese markets. In order to tap into rapidly growing Asian housing market, B&Q created the VIVID Homes brand, offering a hi-tech, multisensory home improvement experience unlike any out there.

For the VIVID Homes brand to be a successful DIFM retailer, B&Q understood that they needed to create powerful mobile and eCommerce solutions to make the DIFM process easy for users. Desato has worked with partners to create a mobile coaching app, QA app, and project managing app so that users can create, manage and follow their home improvement process.